The US Began Clinical Trials of the Covid-19 Vaccine

A vaccine for the Covid-19 vaccine began testing in the US on March 16 with 45 young volunteers.

Participants in the first trial will receive a test vaccine on March 16, a government official said on condition of anonymity because the trial has not been made public. The vaccine was jointly developed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Moderna Biotechnology Company.

45 young, healthy volunteers were vaccinated with different doses. They will not have any risk of infection from injections since they do not contain the virus. The goal of this clinical trial is to test to make sure the vaccine has no worrisome side effects, paving the way for larger trials.

The US began clinical trials of the Covid-19 vaccine

It usually takes a year to 18 months for a full clinical trial of any vaccine.

Dozens of research groups around the world are racing to create vaccines as nCoV infections continue to soar. Some researchers also target temporary vaccines, such as injections that can protect human health one or two months after each injection.

For most people, nCoV only causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. In some people, especially older people and people with underlying medical conditions, the virus can cause more serious illnesses, including pneumonia. According to the World Health Organization, people with mild illness will recover in about two weeks, and more severe patients may take three weeks to six weeks to recover.

As of March 16, Covid-19 appeared in 157 countries and territories, more than 169,000 people infected, nearly 6,500 dead. New cases are concentrated in hot spots in Europe such as Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and the UK. Italy detected additional 3,590 cases, bringing the total number of people positive for nCoV to 24,747, the second-highest in the world after China. Spain, Iran, and Germany recorded yesterday’s number of new infections over 1,000.

By VnExpress